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Theatre Style

  • Minimum participation by the audience
  • A Podium for speakers (emphasis is on the speakers)


The arrangement is tailored for lectures, audio-visuals, product launches, fashion shows, club meetings and annual general meetings.
  • A head table facing the audience
  • Rows of chairs divided in the centre by aisles (number of aisles may vary)

Classroom Style

Be it sales meetings or press conferences, the Classroom Style serves the purpose.
  • Audience participation
  • Requirement of table for writing purpose

Buffet with Seating

This arrangement well suffice for luncheon symposiums and private parties.
  • Cocktail-cum-dinner
  • Interaction and socializing among the guests
  • Indicate a specific place for each guest to dine

Sit Down, Pre-Plated Silver Service
The seating is perfect for a small, formal banquet and comprises three to four course meals served by waiters in fine livery.

Standing Buffet

The arrangement is tailor-made for informal occasions, weddings and receptions and large gatherings, allowing for interaction and socializing among the guests.